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This year's Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 6 April.

How your vote can make a difference


What is the AGM?

An AGM (or Annual General Meeting) is the meeting of the members of an organisation. Each year we invite eligible members to vote and help shape the future of our Society.

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What do I get to vote on?

It's a great opportunity to have your say and vote on who the board members are and how the Society is run. If you attend the meeting itself, you can voice your thoughts and ask the Board any questions you may have.

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We'll donate 20p to charity for each online vote

You can vote online, in branch, by post or at the AGM itself. We'll donate 20p for each online vote and 10p for each paper vote we receive. The money goes to national and local charities such as Depaul, Sense and Leeds Building Society Charitable Foundation.

To vote online you’ll need your unique security code and password from your voting email or postal pack.

  • Our members are what matter

    We’re more committed than ever to making sure we’re doing what’s right for our members, our colleagues and our community.

    For over 140 years we’ve been helping our members save for their future and buy the home they want. In 2016 we set out our Corporate Responsibility strategy to help us continue doing this in an open and responsible way, so you can be proud of your Society. This includes everything from our work with charity and the community to our environmental impact.

    Here are some examples of the work we’ve been doing to build a better Society for you and your community in 2016:

  • Accessible for every member

    After listening to your feedback, we've been doing even more to make sure we're there for every member, whatever their needs or circumstances. We've increased our maximum age to 80 for residential mortgage applications and continue to offer Shared Ownership and Help to Buy Equity loan mortgages to give more people access to the home they want.

    We've introduced specialist training for colleagues and procedures across the business to ensure we can offer vulnerable customers the support and services they need.

  • A greener Society

    We're committed to making sure we're reducing our carbon footprint and 2016 saw us doing more than ever to make that change. We now use 100% Green Tariff energy, are actively reducing the amount we contribute to landfill, and are recycling 100% of paper used in our offices.

    In 2016 our Contact Centre moved into a more energy-efficient building at Cobalt Park in the North East. The new premises offer eco-friendly technology such as rainwater harvesting and solar thermal panels. Our attention also turned to our branches, with the installation of LED lighting, which uses around 80-90% less energy than standard bulbs.

  • Working together for charity

    Supporting local charities really matters to us, and our colleagues never tire in their enthusiasm to help those who need it. In 2016 the Society, its colleagues and members donated over £345,000 to charities and good causes.

    As part of this, our members have also made a fantastic contribution to charity, generously giving over £118,000 through the Your Interest in Theirs scheme and Caring Saver account. Through these initiatives our members and the Society contribute to charity based on our members' savings accounts and the interest they earn on their accounts. So they can feel good about their savings in more ways than one.

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    Interested in the details? Here are the documents for the 2017 AGM.